The meaning of your life

You are much more than just your name.Your soul is something infinite. You are just playing a role. Your name is just a role in this world. No matter how pleasurable or how so ever bad experiences you may have throughout the course of your life, still your soul will remain pure and unaffected by them.


I will give you an example. Have you seen any play? Say the play is a street play and you are playing bob. Now in the play, if Bob gets hurt. You act that he has got hurt. If in that play bob gets money or gets a jackpot you play to be very happy isn’t it? You are just acting as per the demands of the script. Isn’t it? but at the end of the day when you go back home, you are much more than just that role which you are playing. You have other things to do, isn’t it? and your happiness or sadness doesn’t just depend on the character which you are playing isn’t it?


This is exactly the same thing which I wanted you to understand. That we are all souls. We have our names. We are playing as per those names to the world at large. We cry when something bad happens. We scream in happiness when something good happens but eventually, our souls remain as it is. Our souls are something much more than this life of ours. I hope this wasn’t very deep. Still try to connect with your soul all answers are within you only. The day you start understanding yourself you will have a much better life, something which you cannot even imagine currently.


Little part of answer from Shivam Shukla on Quora. What a peacefull reading it was. Thanks for sharing awesome article brother.


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