How do you stay motivated 24/7?

The best answer for the motivation I ever read on Quora from Shubham Singh Chauhan.

It’s pretty amazing and actually makes me standoff. So keep your eyes on.


From where do you think Elon Musk and other great people get the motivation to work for more than 12 hours a day?

Let’s try to reach the answer together. Imagine yourself in the following situations.

Scene 1 :

Let’s imagine I am a billionaire.

You meet me and I give you a task to study for 14 hours daily for a week. I will have cameras installed in your house to see if you are studying or not.

If you complete the task by the end of the week. I will award you a billion dollars.

If this is the case will you need to watch motivational videos on YouTube to get the motivation to study, will you still be asking these types of questions on Quora?

No, you will be busy chasing your billion dollars.

  • You will only be thinking about those billion dollars.
  • You will dream about the billion dollars which you are going to get after the end of the week.
  • You will easily be able to avoid distractions because it’s a question of fucking billion dollars.



Scene 2:

Now imagine I am a serial killer. I enjoy killing.

I have kidnapped your family. I want to have some entertainment. So, I call you and tell you that I am going to kill your family but I give you a chance to save your family. I will leave your family unharmed if and only if you complete the following tasks.

  • In the next semester, you have to be on top 3 of your college.
  • Within a year you have to improve your coding so much so that Google offers you a job.

Time given is enough. If you can achieve both the above goals, I will leave your family and if not they die a painful death.

Now tell me, will you need any motivation to work your ass off. Will you still watch comedy videos on YouTube? Will you still be wasting your time on Facebook?

NO, simply no. You will be working as hard you can.

  • Every night you will dream of your family.
  • Every waking hour, you will be worried about your family and hence motivated to work harder and harder.

So, let us see what is common in both the situations.

  • Failure is not an option for you.
  • Parties, girls/boys, booze anything can not distract you.
  • You have a fire burning under your ass. You can not think of anything but your goals.
  • The only aim in your life right now is to achieve the goals set by me.
  • You are working day in day out without needing motivation from outside because it is coming from inside.

You know why this is happening?

Because in both the above cases your purpose to work is

  • great and
  • close to your heart.

Your purpose to earn those billion dollars and to save your family is great and very close to your heart.

And when your purpose is great,

  • It motivates you.
  • It guides you.
  • When you are weak, it gives you strength.
  • All the things which could have distracted you become very small and weak in front of a billion dollars and your love for family i.e. your purpose.

So, choose something which is great and very close to your heart. You will never go to YouTube or Quora for motivation.

So now do you understand why Elon Musk is able to work so hard?

Because his purpose to save humanity is great and close to his heart.

Work is not an end in itself, it is a means to achieve a higher goal.


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