About me


My name is Umang, but most people call me…. Oops ! No one calls me, but I will respond to ”Hey, you with black specks.”

I just want to warn you before you read further about me that your next 10 minutes could be wasted by reading my bio. It’s not so interesting and amazing as you are assuming. Read at your own risk :p (yes, I still use oldies emoji)

I’m based in India, OR, Where I live is the country of the person like Gandhiji and region of full of diversity.

I am a scorpion and little bit introvert. I used to spend my day on the internet. My website is a little part of it. Maybe it is a little part of the internet but I love it. I love sarcasm and wittiness. If you already gone through my site, you would have already got an idea. If you don’t, you will.

I don’t have any social media account. 2 years ago I had my personal Facebook and Instagram account, but I felt like they put me in little depression and overthinking (Seriously!). So I deleted them. Now I have both of them but it only consists of some motivational, funny, useful channel, not even my single contact. (One unknown  friend from Ukraine in Facebook because of its policy) :p

This website is my little corner of the Internet. It’s a happy, encouraging place where I share my personal stories and advice on creativity, motivation. Some post of them explains how to be a strong, courageous person in our very messy world.

I would love to hear from you, whether about my this boring(I told you in very starting) bio or simply just talking. I would like it. (I know this does not indicate introvert but I am.)


A wise man once said:

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.”

I hope you find something here on my website that makes your day… a little better than it was before.


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