There are poems inside me,

that paper can’t handle.



લાગણીની શરૂઆત આંખોથી થાય છે અને

લાગણી ની કિંમત પણ આંખોથી જ ચૂકવવી પડે છે.

If that person didn’t love you at your lowest, it definitely won’t love you at your highest.

No call.

No message.

One was in ego,

the other one was in hope.

Story of feelings

Once there was an island where all the feelings lived together. One day there came a storm in the sea and the island was about to drown.

Every feeling was scared but Love made a boat to escape. All the feelings jumped in the boat except for one feeling. Love got down to see who it was…it was Ego!

Love tried & tried but Ego didn’t move. Everyone asked Love to leave Ego & come in the boat but Love was meant to Love. It remained with Ego. All other feelings were left alive but Love died because of Ego!

I became Insane

It’s okay


Expectations hurt

When you don’t know someone they are more interesting. They can be anything you want them to be.


But when you know them, there is a limit to them.


Everyone needs to understand


Your lies touch me more than your hands ever did.

I was quite.

But I was not blind.

You were just misguided.

Love never fails, people fail in love.

I’m still hoping that it’s me and you in the end.

Her texting speed to your reply depends on your importance in her life.

-Chintan Pandya