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I love my life, but it’s just wants to be friends…

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Things in life you wish you knew earlier

Hold on!

I have something for you folks. Yadnesh Sonawane, the computer engineer, writes the answer about things in life we wish we knew earlier on Quora.

So, below is the list which is worth to read.

  • Never fall for physical attraction. I said Never.
  • Importance of time. Once it is gone, it is gone forever.
  • Leaving your Comfort Zone is the biggest step towards success.
  • YouTube can be used for learning so many great things. Even beginners transformed into professionals by referring YouTube.
  • Getting your ass out of bed earlier can increase your productivity by huge amount.
  • Impressing People around you with your cool fashion and hairstyles lacks way behind than impressing them with your knwoledge. So never be in that race ever!
  • Wish I would have known Quora before. Seriously Facebook and Instagram take huge amount of our productive time. Readers out there stop your addiction now!
  • Doing it is a way better than bitching about it.
  • Don’t reveal everything to others. People don’t care and why should they!
  • If you are doing an important work make sure your phone is not around. Try this and see the increase in your productivity.
  • Do exercise not for now but for your future.
  • Random lazy behavior is really dangerous. This behavior is responsible for not sticking with your problems for longer thus result in gaining half knwoledge. And you know that Half Knwoledge is dangerous.
  • There is no problem in being an Introvert. Really!
  • Procrastination in doing things which matter most is harmful.
  • CALM is a Superpower. My dad often used to get angry on me due to small things but the worst part was my reaction towards it. Now being calm make me feel guilty about past moments but also helped me to get rid of such situations.
  • Being “Cool Dude” will give you fame in your college, office or in neighbourhood but believe me it won’t last long. Instead the fame you got becasue of your kindness and knwoledge will be forever counted.

in addition (by me)

  • It’s never too late. So don’t think much about ‘Time is gone forever’. Just move on.

Introverts’ problem

I overthink so much. I even overthink about how much I overthink.