The goal is marriage and mortgage,

Not relationship and rent.


Follow In Your 20s To Avoid Regrets In Your 30s


Found on Scoopwhoop about some great advice to follow in the 20s in order to not regret in 30s. It was on Reddit thread.


  • If you marry, marry someone because they are your best friend, you share a common philosophy of life, have common values and want common goals in your future.
    Don’t marry someone, primarily, because their ass looks good in jeans.
  • Save money. Excercise sometimes. Don’t eat complete shit.
  • Don’t be afraid of missing out.
  • Avoid debt. When you start planning in your 30s for houses and marriage and children, having debt that you generated in your 20s in order to buy that sweet 60inch flat screen for your shitty one-bed apartment…..
    you end up hating the 20 something version of you for being that kind of stupid.
  • Take more pictures. Sounds stupid, but one of my biggest regret is not documenting my life more.
  • Excercise. Your body’s metabolism will slow as you age and if you’re unfit it will just get worse. Put the effort in early.
  • Drink more water.
    Look after your Joints and back.
    You will feel invincible until your late 20s and early 30s, then it’ll suddenly all start catching up to you if you don’t look after yourself.


Money attracts the female you want,

Struggle attracts the female you need.


Love would get boring one day, friendship won’t.

So marry your best friend.

Bermuda triangle 

Sometimes my brain is like Bermuda triangle. Information goes in and the. it’s never found again.

From Barnard Meltzer’s diaries 

Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.

– Betnard Meltzer

The only dates I get is


You know what is the difference between calendar and me?

A Calendar has dates.

Falling in love is easy

But staying in love is very special 

Marriage is the only war in which you sleep with your enemy.

13 funny and witty says from dazed husband

1. Put your wife in a room & lock it. Put your dog in another room & lock it!

Open both rooms after 2 – 3 hours & see who is Happy to see you, and who will BITE you!

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Love marriage is like dancing in front of a snake and asking him to bite.